How to download twitter videos on iPhone and iPad

Due to the large number of videos and images posted everyday, particularly in groups of friends, coworkers, etc., Twitter has become one of the platforms that takes up the most capacity on any device.

Twitter is not a reliable source for videos like these, but there is plenty of other information here that is worth sharing. The quickest method of sharing this article is by copying and pasting the link. We can stream it, but downloading is preferable if we want to save it on our device.

This article serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in learning how to download Twitter videos on iPhone.

How can I download videos from Twitter to my iPhone?

Install the Documents app on your phone.

Open the Twitter app or the main website in the browser after that.

Choose the video you wish to download, hit the share symbol, then choose the Copy Link option to copy the video link.

Open the Documents app now, then select the browser option.

After the page is opened, paste the copied video address into the input field after searching twitter video download in the browser.

Click the download icon after pasting or inputting the video address.

Next a Twitter video with download options for various video sizes will be shown.

Depending on the video quality you wish to download, click the Download button.

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